Conference Presentations



“Amplify Your Voice: Podcasts and the Public Humanities.”  Modern Language Association, New York City, NY. January 4-7.

“Withstanding the Weather: Black Women and Rethinking Dispassionate Objectivity.” C19 The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists, Albuquerque, NM. March 22-25.

The Case of 22 Lewd Chinese Women: An Archive Toward the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers.” C19 The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists, Albuquerque, NM. March 22-25.

“History-Bending: Animating Asian/American Encounters with Indigeneity in Avatar: The Last Airbender.” Association for Asian American Studies, San Francisco, CA. March 29-31.

“Uncaring, Ungrateful: Racialized Disaffection and the Politics of Recognition,” Critical Ethnic Studies Association, Vancouver, BC. June 21-24.

“(Un)Sympathetic Babo: Blackness, Science, and the Sentimental Politics of Recognition,” American Studies Association, Atlanta, GA. November 8-11.


“Hostile Intimacies: Reading Sui Sin Far in Jamaica Through Lisa Lowe’s Intimacies of Four Continents.” Modern Language Association, Philadelphia, PA. January 5-8.

“Where is Yellow in the Early American Imaginary?” Society of Early Americanists, Tulsa, OK. March 2-4.

“Alien Affects: The Inscrutability of Afong Moy, the First Chinese Woman in the United States.” Association for Asian American Studies, Portland, OR. April 13-15.

“Unfeeling as Dissent: Affective and Effective Tactics by Disaffected Women of Color.” American Studies Association, Chicago, IL. November 9-12.

“Unfeeling Aliens: Oriental Inscrutability as Racism and Resistance.” Modern Language Association, Austin, TX. January 7-10.

“The Doctor and the Lawyer: Affect and Gender in the Modernizing Profession.” C19 The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists, State College, PA. March 17-20.

“The Mulattoes of Asia.” Cornell University: Annual Global 19th Century Day Colloquium, Publics and (Counter)publics, April 16.

“Babo’s Skull, Aranda’s Skeleton: Visualizing the Sentimentality of Race Science in Benito Cereno.” American Literature Association, San Francisco, CA. May 25-28.

“Atavism as Nostalgia: Science and Affect in Benito Cereno.” Association of Canadian
College and University Teachers of English, Ottawa, ON. May 30-June 2.

“Against White Sympathy: Oriental Inscrutability as Resistance in the Work of Sui Sin Far.” American Literature Association, Boston, MA. May 21-24.

“Charles Darwin, Affect Theory, and Literary Expressions of Emotion.” North East Modern Language Association, Toronto, ON. April 30-May 3.

“Feeling Otherwise: Black-Indigenous Coalitions and Transnational Networks in Martin Delany’s Blake.” American Comparative Literature Association, Seattle, WA. March 26-29.

“I Feel Somewhat as That Indian Did: Feelings of Black-Indigenous Coalition.” Cornell University: Annual Global 19th-Century Day Colloquium, Performance & Poetics, March 20.

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